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    Our Services

    Providing prenatal, delivery, postpartum and newborn care from the Black Hills to the Big Horns with birth within the Privacy of your own home

      Home Birth

      Including complete prenatal care, management of labor and delivery, postpartum care, initial newborn care, lactation assistance and doula referral.


      Expert care at therapeutic water immersion for labor and/or birth that speeds up labor, provides significant pain relief, promotes relaxation, reduces cesarean section rate, encourages an easier birth and a gentler welcome for baby.

      Well Woman Care

      Primary care for women including routine physical exams, pap smears, STD screening, breast exams & education, wellness & family planning consultation.

    Why WomanKind

    With over 2500 births attended by Jeanne Peterson, CNM you will receive the best possible home birth care in the region. WomanKind Midwifery is the first independent nurse midwifery practice in both South Dakota and Wyoming. WomanKind has the honor of being the first licensed home birth practice in both states as well as operating the first birth center in South Dakota. Recognized by her colleagues for her unusual and exemplary effort in nurse midwifery, Jeanne is the recipient of the American College of Nurse Midwives "Distinguished Service Award for 2011". Also recognized in nursing, Jeanne is listed in the "Top 25 Most Famous Nurses in History". Combining the science of nursing with the ancient art of midwifery WomanKind brings you the best and most affordable option for out of hospital birth care.

    What is a Certified Nurse Midwife

    Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) are licensed, independent health care providers with prescriptive authority in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Guam, and Puerto Rico. CNMs are defined as primary care providers under federal law. While midwives are well-known for attending births, 53.3% of CNMs/CMs identify reproductive care and 33.1% identify primary care as main responsibilities in their full-time positions. Examples include annual exams, writing prescriptions, basic nutrition counseling, parenting education, patient education, and reproductive health visits. In 2013, 94.6% of CNM/CM-attended births occurred in hospitals, 2.8% occurred in freestanding birth centers, and 2.6% occurred in homes.

    WomanKind Reviews

    Families who have used this service have great things to say about WomanKind Midwifery and the competent and compassionate care they receive from Jeanne Peterson, CNM.

    Midwifery Care

    Joyful Moments

    • Dec, 12

      Sweet December

      It was on a sweet December night that this lil one decided to make her debut just ahead of the first big storm.  Mom, Dad, two brothers and a sister welcomed this little gal.  Welcome earthside Leah Joy!

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      Dec, 4

      Another little Wyoming cowgirl!

      On December 1st I had the honor to catch my fourth baby for this family.  It is so nice not wondering where in the world I am driving to in the middle of the night.  I had been to this house a few times before.  It was such a privilege to watch dad catch this […]

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    • Nov, 30

      How do you Doula?

      This morning I had a wonderful discussion with a fellow “old lady” midwife.   We were talking about the newest trend in births , “doulas”.   What is a doula?  Doulas are not midwives or physicians, they are lay people who are sometimes present at births.  The term “doula” literally means “Servant”.  It is wonderful that the […]

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      Nov, 25

      Thankful for a baby!

      Last night was a miracle… I was so glad to see a sweet baby girl welcomed safe and sound.   You see sometimes in a home birth,  just like in a hospital birth, things are not always perfect.  However, there is a difference in that when there is a hiccup in that birth process and there is no time to […]

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    • Nov, 21

      Beautiful People

      Today I was thinking about you beautiful people.  Our little ones who come into this world with a fresh face and so much to offer this world.  When considering what a life has to offer this world it is always in hopes that when we leave the world that we have changed the world and made it […]

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      Nov, 20

      Hello World!

      Welcome to the new site for WomanKind Midwifery.  We are so glad you stopped by.  We will be adding old photos and updating as we go.  Please stop by again!

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